Rest and Relaxation are often the holiday’s key words.


In partnership with lots of Hotels, Lodges, Houses and Spa in each of our destinations, Pi-Excellence proposes you the best accommodations according to your tastes/criteria.


From the ‘Wild’ Camp Site to the 5 Stars Hotel, the bungalow on the beach to magnificent houses, your rest at your own conditions is a priority for us.


But also:


- Come cruise with the current of The ISIMANGALISO Wetland.

Enjoy its unique Flora and Fauna, the beaches as far as the eye can see, and its multicoloured reefs...


- Spend three days or more at The ‘Hot Springs’ Lodge and its Thermal cures.
Located at the edge of the 2nd biggest Canyon on earth, The Fish River Canyon. Enjoy its natural hot spring waters in a scenery that will take your breath away...


- Come sail on the Mediterranean Sea, for a week or more on a Yacht board.

Stroll from harbour to Harbour to find the ideal bay, cast anchor, and spend the night under the Stars...


- MORONDAVA; city nearly dropped on an immaculate white sand field.

Little Garden of Eden on this Mysterious Island: Madagascar.

Come, and Relax! One foot in the Mangrove, and the other one in The Mozambique Channel.

Take the Boat, and go visit ‘Ankevo’. And, why not, spend the night in a bungalow with all modern conveniences, and visit The ‘Dwarf Baobabs’ forest.


*Please; fell free to contact us for any quote, or any further enquiries about our other available tours.

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