Pi-Excellence has made of The ‘Great Shiver’ its Speciality, but as well, a Particularity.

Thanks to the different Guides Highly Qualified, those Thrilling Experiences are organised with the most Severe Security.

 Some of those experiences are common today, but some others are a bit more ‘Marginal’.

The X-Trem and The Experiment of New Sensations is a Vocation for our company.

It is now your turn to make a Choice... BUT...

It is always better to regret what we have already done, than to regret something that we have always wished to do, but never done...

- Scuba Diving in Cloudy Water.

Come meet The Tiger Shark on The South African East coast.

A Thrilling ((Scuba diving)) in Open Water.

Not from the deck of a boat, not in a cage... but in the middle of The Indian Ocean. In the Element of one of the Greatest Predators on earth...

The Great White Shark dive possible, but only in a cage.

- The Top of The African Continent is waiting for you. Will you be able to reach it?

Mount KILIMANJARO is one of the Wonders of our Planet.

During an uncommon and Intense Adventure of 6 or 9 days, you will measure your strength against its abrupt slopes, and its becoming scarce oxygen, all along the 5.892 meters climb.

A Good physical condition is Highly Recommended...

- The ICARE`s Dream... Flying!

Actually, it is more falling in this case. But a Long Fall, and with a perfect control of the landing.

A 3.000 meters high Free-Fall.

You will never watch the sky the same way...

Come SKYDIVE With us!

One time jump (Tandem), or Training sessions (several days) are possible.


- Come walk around in the Savannah as the 1st African people use to.

In a world, wild and captivating, enjoy every single smells and sounds. Alert your 5 senses for an Unforgettable Safari.

Starting from a one week tour, come conquer The African Bush.

Camp every night rocked by the Roar of the Lions and the ‘Sarcastic’ laughs of the Hyenas.

Follow the tracks of an Elephant bull during days, and enjoy the reward to watch him living in his natural environment.

A story to tell to your Children and your Grand-Children...


*Please; fell free to contact us for any quote, or any further enquiries about our other available tours.


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