Everyone has its own way to discover, or to go Explore.

Pi-Excellence offers you a wide range of Magnificent, or/and unusual spots, where your thirst of ‘New Experiences’ will be drenched.

As Jules Verne or Indiana Jones, you and you only will decide the colours of it.

Here are few examples... please; feel free to conceive what is next...

- The Highest sand Dunes in the world, a Deep Red... Welcome to SOSSULVEI (Namibia)!

An Ocean of Red Sand, with its so particular Fauna and Flora.

For the Bravest ones, the ‘epic’ end will be the desolate land of the ‘DEADVLEI’.

A Landscape that will take your breath away...

- Fly over The oldest Desert in the World...

You will embark for an unforgettable journey. Phileas Fogg inspired us this tour for you.

Start from one week (extendable), you are Ready for an amazing Hot Air Balloon Trip.

From Namibia to Botswana, following the hot air draughts, enjoy a Wild Fauna, and a Remarkable Geology.

Let’s go camp wherever you feel like... a sweet perfume of Liberty...

- Come ride in the middle of areas almost untouched.

As the Settlers or the Indigenous People use to, our guides will lead you through the OKAVANGO Delta.

Wild Lions, Elephants, Hippos, and the beauty of the Delta will be your Background...

For Beginners or Skilled Riders, depend on the Tour.

- The History and The Charm of the Great European Capital Cities.

PARIS; The EIFFEL TOUR, and the Lovely Restaurants...

LONDON; BIG BEN, and the Incessant Activity...

ROME; The COLISEUM, and the paved streets...

A Ticket to Discover The ‘Old World’ in a scented journey.



But Also: Come spend some time with different Indigenous Tribes for a Deeper and More Authentic Travel.

The HIMBA and The HERERO in Namibia, The VEZO and The MERINA in Madagascar, The ZULU and The XHOSA in South Africa, and The MAASAI in Kenya.


*Please; fell free to contact us for any quote, or any further enquiries about our other available tours.


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