The Kilimanjaro. Earth of myths and wonders.
Located in the middle of two of the most wild countries in Africa (Kenya in North and Tanzania in the south), have always created passion and intrigue for explorers  exploring and travelers since his 1st ascension on October 6, 1889 by Sirs H. Meyer, L.Purtscheller and Y.Kinyala Lauwo.

From the top of these 5891.8m (the Uhuru peak) it dominates the African continent of its splendor.

Its capital Moshi at its feet offers an imposing spectacle and an incomparable panorama on this eternal snow.

The Kilimanjaro national park is surrounded by the huge Tsavo National park (Kenya) in the east, the Arusha national park in the south and the Serengeti national Park (Ngorongoro in the south and Masai Mara in north) famous for its great zebras and gnus migrations and the  Masai people with its thousand-year-old traditions in the west.

This central African area will offer to intrepid and impassioned great space folks an unforgettable moment in a natural space almost untouched since its origins.

- Kilimandjaro National Park : The Mt Kilimanjaro and its forest were declared in 1921 ‘game reserve’

There are 6 official routes to climb the Mt Kilimanjaro. But before exploring it, make sure that you are both properly equipped and physically capable.

The Mt Kilimanjaro is composed by 3 distinct volcanic cones: Kibo (uhuru peak) 5892m; Mawenzi 5149m and Shira 3962m.

Welcome to a huge adventure!

- Ngorongoro crater : is a conservation and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Because of its large mammal population, it is said that Ngorongoro crater got the highest density of predators in Africa.

A lot of species can be seen, like the rarely rare Black Rhino with around 150 heads.

But since 1980, the animal population doesn’t stop to decline.

In summer, huge herds of migrants can be seen coming from the Serengeti.

A stunning wild area, where the nature is the only ruler.

- Serengeti National park / Masai Mara
: it is the most famous park in Africa principally for its annual gigantic migration where more that 3Million animal can be seen.

It is considered as the best wildlife reserve in Africa.

The Masai people are hunting in that huge landscape since ever. ‘Serengeti’ is actually a Masai word that describes the place.

The Masai still, in some bush villages, live like they always did. They are really friendly, authentic, and it is for sure a beautiful experience to encounter them.





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