South Africa, called the 'Rainbow Nation' by the archbishop Desmond TUTU, is certainly the most intense country in Africa. It has a rich, sometimes painful history, and its nature will take your breath away.

It is the 1st economic force of the African continent.
Indispensable for the occidental people by its wealth in gold, diamond, coal, and its exceptional fauna.

South Africa is the 1st safari's destination in the world.
With its many National Parks and Nature Reserves, like the KRUGER National Park and its 20.000kms square, it is a wonder of biological diversity, and will ensure you a daily amazement.

Despite a difficult history, and its open wounds, the country is opening more and more to the world, and enforces its progression.
It proves to the rest of the world that South Africa will rank among the best countries in the future.

The South African country offers you a large variety of experiences:
The majestic DRAKENSBERG mountain; The BLYDE River Canyon, 3rd largest canyon in the world; The KRUGER National Park and its wildlife; JOHANNESBURG ‘The Métis’, cradle of the culture and history of the country; CAPE TOWN and its astonishing panorama.

It is said that the 1st man appeared on its ground. But being more than a flashback, South Africa will put a spell on you through its intensity, its dynamism and its immense beauty.

- Kruger National Park : it is a luxuriant bushveld paradise that stretches over 350 km from north to south.
It is bordered by the Mozambique up east and the restless Zimbabwe’s River up north.
After a century of intense protection program, The Park now provides shelter for about 340 species of land mammals, 900 species of birds, and 360 species of reptiles.

- Cape Town / Cape of Good Hope : extreme south of the African continent.
The Cape of Good Hope is a myth for every sailor. It is the coast where the Boers (Dutch Settlers) 1st arrived in 1488.
That is where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. From the mingling of those two Oceans result a unique coastal environment, and one of the most productive marine zone worldwide.
The Southern point is Cape Agulhas.
Cape Town, economical capital of the south, is a beautiful place to stay, with lots of cultural events like the Carnival in March.
Climb Table Mountain, and enjoy a stunning panorama; Go to visit ROBEN Island where Mr Nelson MANDELA and many others were kept as political prisoners during the Apartheid; Dive withThe Great White Shark.

- Lost City (Sun City) : was developed by a Resort Tycoon, Mr Sol KERZNER, in 1979.
Sun City is unique in the resorts world. It has everything and more:
4 top-quality hotels, a vacation club, 2 world class golf courses, the Lost City water park, and it is located in the heart of the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve where you will be able to meet the BIG 5 (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, leopard, Rhino).

- Blyde River Canyon : it is the 3rd biggest Canyon on earth, and a very good representation of what nature is like in South Africa.
2.000 meters above the sea level, the Canyon can be more than 1.400 meters deep in some places.
It is certainly the largest ‘Green Canyon’ with its luxuriant subtropical vegetation.

- The Isimangaliso 'Wetland' : means 'Miracle' in ZULU. It is certainly the reason why it is the only place where you will be able to find at the same time: The oldest fish in the world, the Coelacanth, and the biggest one, the Whale-Shark; The oldest mammal on land, the Rhinoceros, and the biggest one, the Elephant.
The Isimangaliso’s Park spreads from, KOSY Bay and the Kuzilonde lake (Mozambique border) north side, to St LUCIA south side.
It is considered by many as the most diverse ecosystem on earth.
A wonder of biological diversity.

- The Drakensberg : means ‘The dragon’s mountain’ in Afrikaans, and Ukahlamba ‘Barriers of Spears’ in Zulu.
With its top reaching 3.482 meters high (The Thabana Ntlenyana Peak), it is the highest mountain range in South Africa.
There are a lot of caves, and many of them have rock paintings made by the busmen more than 40.000 years ago.
The highest points of the mountain are hard to reach, that is why the environment is still almost undamaged.
More than 2.000 plant species can be seen, with at least 90 endemic ones. 300 bird species and many mammals like the With Rhino or the Reedbuk.
Trekking can be organized almost all year long.

- Johannesburg : theatre of the South African pains and conquests, Johannesburg is an important historical place.
Impressive city, it can get completely crazy with a high insecurity level. But please, don’t stop at that, as Johannesburg is a stunning place to visit, and for sure, it will show you the real colours of a modern South Africa.
And it is definitely worth it!




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