With 2.500 kilometers of littoral, this beautiful country offers spectacular sceneries.
With excellent nautical activities, and some of the best diving spots worldwide.

Despite a tumultuous history, the Mozambique has worked a lot since the end of the civil war, to rebuild the infrastructures.

The tourist attractions are primarily on its seashore, with immaculate white sand beaches, and an extremely wealthy coral reef.

The country, still traumatized by the civil war, tries to rebuild itself thanks to the tourists, and a fauna and a flora in constant rising.

- Maputo and its XVI and XVII century houses: the capital city and biggest city in Mozambique, is also known as "Lourenco Marques".
The harbor is the center of all the economy. Cotton, sugar and copra are the main exported products.
The city is also known for its Acacias trees. You can see them all over the town.
A really nice place for leisure and entertainment.

- The coast: with more than 2.500kms of littoral from south to north, the Mozambique is a beautiful place for relaxing and tanning on the beach, but also for all kind of water sports.
Many islands to visit, and a lot of tourist infrastructures will welcome you in the best way.

- Scuba diving and snorking: the most popular activities in the country…
With some of the most beautiful reefs on earth, it is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sea life.
Swimming with dolphins is possible almost all along the coast. And if you come at the good period (July to November) you may be lucky enough to meet the giant of the sea, and watch hundreds of Humpback Whales.


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