Madagascar, called “the large island”, is a jewel of biodiversity.
With 99% of its fauna and its flora endemic, it’s the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Ground with the many worships and religions, Madagascar will undoubtedly charm you with its population extremely accessible divided into 9 ethnos group, and is very varied landscapes. 

With its highlands strewn with rice plantation in the center, the wild east and its primary forest, the west with the immense white sand beaches and its paradisiacal bays, the south with is desert where you will be able to cross huge nomads caravans; And its north strewn with island and charming hotel.

 The Tsingy of Bemaraha, calcareous maze of peaks that can reach 50m high is a unique place in the world.

The majestic Baobabs with 7 species present on the island on the 9 listed in the world, and the universally known' Alley of Baobab trees `with these specimens high of more than 30m and older than 3000 years. 

The Lemurs, No1 attraction, are present on practically the all territory, white the famous Indri Indri and there spellbound song during the reproduction period. 

Madagascar does not miss argument to offer you an unforgettable stay  has many regards.

A destination has does not miss under any pretext.

- The Tsingy of Bemaraha : This nature reserve that cover 670km square was listed as UNESCO world heritage site in 1990 due to its preserve mangrove, its wild bird and lemur population, and its unique karts limestone formation.

- The Tsirinbihina River : It is a sacred river. Famous for the relic bath, and many other cult and sacred ceremony like the ‘Fitampoha’.
It is a unique experience of wild bivouac, rest and discovery at the river rhythm.

- The wild East : Covered at 70% of primary forest, it is a sanctuary of biodiversity.
Many natural reserves will give you the occasion to discover a luxuriant and astonishing nature.
Tamatave, cosmopolitan city and under development is the capital.

- The West : Villages on fine sand, deserted beaches, paradisiacal bays; As much trump which make of western Madagascar a small paradise for tourism.
The `Veso', people that move in the multicolored canoe, are always the hosts of this part of the country. They sail from village to village for trade.
A little further from the coast, the flora is singular in the whole world. You will admire the majestic baobab trees amongst other things.

- The highlands : from plain to plateau, from plateau to mountain, the imposing landscapes of the Malagasy highlands will fill you with wonder.
Strew with staged rice plantations, villages build in red brick, the heart of Madagascar is intoxicating of beauty and authenticity.

- Malaza Ny Gasy : Created in 1997 by Mme Soa Ema and Mr Ragod Jean, this association bring secularization and alphabetization to the poorest children of Madagascar.
With now 20 schools (Tana, Antsirabe, Tamatav, Tritriva etc.) and more that 2000 student all around the country, it is sunshine for every family.
Really active with various projects, Malaza Ny Gasy is one of those institutions that make you believe that we can all change the world.

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