This marvelous island will enchant you with its sunny littoral, its wild beauty and its crystal-clear lagoons.

This overseas department is a 'Petite France', in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with exotic traditions. It is the ideal destination for excursions and seaside resorts lovers.

A mysterious place with tormented sides and impressive waterfalls falling from the abrupt cliffs to join the gilded sandy beaches.
Its density of tropical forests and the diversity of its fauna and flora will impress you.

Let yourself be enchanted with the light breezes blowing on the famous filaos trees and the many vanilla fields of this Garden of Eden.

- 'Les Cirques' (The Calderas) : this area is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008
Waterfalls; Wild forests; Amazing rivers and landscapes.
The 'Piton des neiges' (Snow Peak), is an old volcano and also the highest mountain of the Indian Ocean. Reaching 3.069 meters above sea level. Its eruption more than 2 million years ago, created the three craters called CILAOS, SALAZIE and MAFATE.
Place where only nature prevails.

- The East : because of the bad weather and rain coming from Indian Ocean, the eastern Reunion is luxuriant and humid.
Its abrupt cliffs and its deserted beaches will please you.
The `Piton de la Fournaise’ , always active volcano, offers a landscape curiously lunar in the middle of its drills green.

- The West : with its many tourist infrastructures, its beaches of fine sand and its lagoons filled with multicolored fishes, the west is a paradise for tanning and snorkeling lovers.

- The Neighbourhood, Seychelles, Mayotte and Mauritius : These three islands are part of the Mascareigne Archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean between India and Africa.
Formerly known as a holiday destination for sailors and pirates, it is now a little heaven for international tourism..

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