Botswana is mainly covered by the KALAHARI Desert. Its unique landscapes spread over the country, as far as the eye can see; and many meandering rivers and inland waterways go through its open savanna.

The OKAVANGO is its wonder. One of the greatest nature reserves in the world.

There, you will have the opportunity to see big herds of elephants or hippopotamuses.

Near the huge country of South Africa, it is very easy to access to it.

Little known by tourists, Botswana offers you a unique experience in the middle of a wild and almost untouched nature.

Easy to reach from Johannesburg, Windhoek or Victoria Falls; Botswana is a splendid country very interesting for intrepid travelers.

Botswana is a land of wild beauties with a very little population. It is ideally placed in the middle of southern Africa.

It is bordered by Namibia in the north and west, Zimbabwe in the east and South Africa in the south.

Its desert, fauna and cultural diversity are what makes Botswana so beautiful.

From the crystal clear water of the delta, also known as ‘Kalahari`s jewel’, with its varied fauna and water birds, its large herds of elephants and buffaloes in the Chobe National Park; to the dry savanna of the English Channel of Savuti with its predators and the zebras always migrating.

Made of sandy plains, slightly wavy, Botswana is lacking of relief. But its simple topography is embellished by its very special red sand.

For sure, a marvelous adventure!!

- The OKAVANGO National Park: is the world largest inland delta on earth. It is an unexpected water supply for the whole animal kingdom in the middle of a large dry zone: The Kalahari.

All year long, a wide variety of animal species can be seen there. Which makes of the Delta, one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

- CHOBE National Park: with other 10.000kms square, the Chobe national park is the 3rd largest park in the country, and it is the most diverse.

It is possible to go on many different safaris and its number of elephants is spectacular, reaching more than 50.000 animals. Perhaps the highest concentration in Africa.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect to enjoy the beauty of the wild life.

- Francistown: it is the 2nd largest city of Botswana.

Located where the TATI and the INCHWE rivers join, and only 90km from the Zimbabwe border; Francistown was at the core of Africa`s 1st gold rush.

- Gaborone: because the city had no tribal affiliation, it became the capital city in the mid. 1960s when The Bechuanaland protectorate made of Botswana an independent nation.

With its 200.000 inhabitants, the city is a large street of shops and holiday rentals.

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